Friday, June 6, 2008


Yesterday when we were walking to Alameda i seen trash on the street then we went to jack in the box to eat lunch after we eat lunch we went to walgreens because one of my friends wanted some water so we went inside the store the cashier lady was looking at us like if we were going to steel something and another friend of mine was trying to by a ticket out of a machine and she told him that he couldn't buy it so we left after that we went with our groups to interview people about their community.after we finished interviewing we went to the beach to chill and me,my friends and my teacher were playing football and it was fun.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


some of the challenges i had face was to walk far and go up to people to interview then and tried new kinds of food something before we had position class i overcame in my biology class because i was failing the class because i had f and i tried hard and i got a "c".I tried to talk to some of the girls in our class because i use to not talk with no girls in none of my classes i never decide to not tried something new i always was trying to do everything my teachers told me to do like in San Francisco they told me to interview people in castro valley but i still did it just to get it over with.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

San Francisco

When i went to San Francisco i though it was going to be cleaner then Oakland but when we arrive there i seen homeless people and trash all over the place it was almost like Oakland we went to Castro we went to eat at a pizza place it was OK just that they didn't had that much room then we had to interview people in Castro so we went out in groups to ask people about their safety in Castro and most of the people n Castro said that they didn't like o come out at night or walk around at night because people went to the bar and got drunk and after the the bar close people just started to get into a fight for no reason that's why people were scared to come out at night time and most of the persons said that the police was doing their job except this one person we asked he said that they wasn't doing their job because last time he got rob he called the police and they got there like 2 hours later and like like 2 or 3 people told us that they couldn't so then we keep on asking until we all the interviews we had to get then after we finish interviewing we walk to the park to chill for a while and play on the playground that was fun

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

childrens hospital

About a week and a half my little brother and cousin were playing out in the yard and then my little cousin comes and tell my dad that my brother was on the floor and my dad didnt pay attension to him so i went out and look and it was true what my little cousin said and i grab my little brother and took him to my dada after that me and my dad took him to childrens hospital then monday morning i went to visit him and my dad ask the doctor what he had and i couldnt hear because they went out side then me and my dad left to the house and i asked him what did my littke brother had and he didnt tell me and just 3 days ago i went to visit him again and he looked ok and the doctor told me and my dad that he is going to get out on wensday

Friday, May 30, 2008


Before we went to rockridge i thought it was going to be different then Oakland but when we got there i look just the same but the streets are more quiet and it cleaner then Oakland.When we got to rockridge we went to eat at a pizza place the slice was big and had alot of crust the difference i seen between fruitvale and rockridge was that was that in Rockride they had more stores everywhere if you walk a block over there u see like 10 stores in one block the similarities that i seen over at Rockridge and Oakland was that they both had graffiti and small side walks. When we went to interview a lady in her store we seen a t-shirt that costs $138 and we were like whats it made out of but other then that the lady as nice we also had a conversation with her about was our project on what we had to do and we went t ask other people they kept on say yes but when we told them if we could video record them they said no or voice record them too so then we was kind of mad but we got the interviews that we had to get and we also saw in a jewlry store that a perl neckles cost $1,800 and we ask the owner what kind of gold do they use and where do they get it from

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oakland Reflection

Something I see happening in Oakland you see people getting into gangs because their friends are in it and because their friend tell them that its cool and that you could get protection but its not its all just a lie so you could get in it. Another thing is that u see people selling in Oakland drugs to people and the people that buy the drugs they etheir end up in jail or out in the street asking people for money to buy food but they need it to buy more drug. Something I like about Oakland I like most of the stuff I'm not going to say i like everything because i don't for i example i like the way people are not people but some because some are nice and some are mean.Another thing I like about Oakland is that they have arks to go to when you don't have nothing El's to do at Ur house and they have theaters to go watch movies that are scary,funny or sad.


I thought that Chinatown was close to the school but when we went to Chinatown it was by Broadway i like Chinatown because there were alot of stores to go around to see and different kinds of food to eat.The major difference i saw beteewn fruitvale and Chinatown was that in fruitvale was Little easier because people new English and Spanish and at china town was hard because people keep saying that they didn't now English or they said that they were busy to come back later.A surprise that i had about Chinatown was that people were walking in the middle of the street and that and in fruitvale they walk in the line i never seen that before and another surprise that i had was there perspective they thought that we were going to steel them or something those are two difference that i seen over there. The similarities things that i seen was that there was trash on the streets and that they have fruit postings out in the street so people could buy it